Weight Loss


People over-eat for a wide range of reasons and although weight gain can sometimes be caused by medical conditions, there are often underlying issues (blockers), which is why you keep turning to food for comfort. Most people who have trouble losing excess weight, or have undertaken many different diets to lose weight and then put it back on, can have an underlying reason why losing the weight is so difficult. One of the main problems with weight loss, and then maintaining that loss, is a change of behaviour with regard to your eating habits. Trying to keep up the motivation needed to shed the weight in a healthy way, and also maintaining a healthy weight by continuing the changes to your eating habits, can also be a challenge!

For most of us who have had, or have, weight issues, we all know that we need to improve and change our eating habits, and increase the amount of exercise we currently do. It is the subconscious mind that can sometimes stand in the way. There are times in our lives where food plays a big part in giving us comfort, but these can lead to unhealthy, learnt, eating behaviours,  or habits, which are then stored in your subconscious mind. When you then try to change these habits by reducing your food intake, or stop eating certain foods, your subconscious mind will see this as removing or stopping something that gives you comfort. By trying to stop something your subconscious mind believes gives you comfort and therefore keeps you happy and safe, it will not be a supported subconscious change and you will end up yo yo dieting.

Your current eating habits can also be related to past experiences in life when you turned to food for comfort. If you then try to reduce your normal intake of food, your subconscious mind will feel you are punishing yourself.

For those of us on that continual path of trying to be slimmer it is a strong possibility that somewhere in your past, there will be some life event with a connection to food that has then led to a learnt behaviour of poor eating choices. Those learnt eating behaviours at that time were ones that gave you comfort, if only for a short time, but the connection between feeling unhappy and then feeling happy when eating, is then stored in your subconscious mind.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling can help you to explore and understand where these poor learnt eating behaviours have stemmed from. Understanding and addressing why you overeat is half the battle in stopping it!

Hypnotherapy can also be used to change these poor learnt eating behaviours through the use of positive suggestions. It will also help you to see yourself or imagine how you will feel slimmer and healthier, and can then help make the whole “losing weight” process a positive one that is beneficial to your health and life. These images and thoughts will help you to maintain that motivation needed to lose weight in a healthy way.