Fears and Phobias


Fear is mostly a good thing in human beings as it is a form of protection, without fear we would place ourselves in danger all the time. The phrase “fight or flight” is all to do with the built in mechanism in all of us that is triggered when we are in a fearful situation. It is when fear takes an unhealthy hold and we become overly afraid of something that it then becomes an issue and can affect our everyday lives. Some of the fears you could experience can be fear of flying, spiders/insects, small spaces, crowds, water, public speaking, fear of the dark, fear of dying, fear of the dentist, there are many different fears but they all can have a debilitating affect on the way someone leads their life.

Most fears stem from something that has happened in your life, sometimes you are aware of what this could be but mostly it is hidden in the subconscious mind which is why hypnotherapy works so well. A fear is never stupid or irrational as if it is a fear to you then it is real to you.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling will help to uncover the root cause of your fear as it is in understanding where your fear has come from that can be the key to addressing it and stopping it.

Hypnotherapy can then be used to address the fear, as whilst you are in trance I can address the thought process (root cause) that you have that has caused the fear to become larger than life. Hypnotherapy can then be used to change the way you think aboutthe fear, in a way desensitising it so that you no longer have this fear.

A Phobia is also a fear but one that is out of control! It is where someone has an irrational dreaded fear of someone, something or someplace. Some of the phobias you can experience are a fear of creatures e.g. snakes or spiders, or flying, or going on public transport, a fear of heights, storms or the sight of blood, to name but a few.

The feelings when experiencing a fear or phobia can range from palpitations, dry mouth, shaking, feelings of hot and cold, blurred vision to experiencing panic attacks, having nausea or upset tummy, problems breathing, dizziness, numbness or tingling.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy are both (separately or together) very effective in treating fears and phobias.