Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks


Depression has many symptoms, some of which are;

  • Feelings of sadness, emptiness, despair, pessimism, feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, it is not just feeling down in the dumps. It can come on gradually but the feelings of hopelessness, feeling low and sad and finding yourself crying frequently are all clear signs of depression.
  • You may also start to suffer physical symptoms such as tiredness, no appetite, feeling nauseous, aches and pains in the body for no reason, and low sex drive, difficulty in concentrating, and digestive problems such as an upset tummy.

Depression can affect your every day life in many ways and when left and not addressed may cause further issues such as not wanting to go out, not wanting to see people, not going to work, just wanting to stay in all the time and can also lead to suicidal thoughts.

Depression can be brought on by certain life events, such as bereavement, loss of job/home/possessions, relationship break ups or divorce, a lot of changes in your life occuring at once, or illnesses. Sometimes there is no immediately obvious reason or cause for depression.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling can help uncover the root cause of depression and then any issues or underlying symptoms can be addressed.

Because hypnotherapy can access the unconscious mind it can be used to go directly to the root cause of any issues that have caused the depression to occur and change the thought process to a more positive and optimistic view.

Whilst treating depression I would also encourage the use of positive affirmations specific to the cause of the depression as these will embed a more positive thought process long term.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling or Hypnotherapy have both been proven to be very successful in the treatment of depression.

*Please ensure you inform me during the initial consultation if you are taking any anti-depressants as these could change the treatment programme I prepare for you*


Anxiety is triggered by feelings of stress. As our every day lives are much more stressful the likelihood is that most people will have experienced anxiety at some time. Feelings of anxiety can be palpitations, increased rate of breathing, feeling tension in the body such as in the neck and shoulders, headaches, feelings of nausea or feeling faint. Some feelings of anxiety are normal such as before a big meeting, a driving test or an exam; these are heightened feelings of the “fight or flight” mechanism that we all have within us. It is when the anxiety increases to a level that it affects your everyday life that you should then look at dealing with it. The feelings then change to ones of feeling low, depressed, a lack of confidence, feelings of losing control, negative thoughts and difficulty sleeping. As you can see the symptoms are very similar to depression but there is a clear difference between the two.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling or Clinical Hypnotherapy have both been proven to be very effective in treating anxiety. The underlying cause of the stress making you feel anxiety is first investigated and then a treatment plan drawn up to help you deal with this area of your life. Good coping mechanisms are an essential part of the plan as these will help you deal with any future episodes of anxiety.


Having suffered panic attacks myself in the past I am fully aware of the feelings associated with them. They include; feelings of fear, being out of control, fainting, palpitations, dry mouth, breathing rapidly, sickness in the tummy, gagging, sweating, shaking, numbness, pins and needles, feeling like you are going to die, a sort of feeling that all around you is far away. I suffered from panic attacks for some months before realising how much they were affecting my life. I became worried about travelling on my own in case I had a panic attack, I stopped going out as much and didn’t go anywhere on my own at all. Having 2 small children at the time this caused me great problems with getting them to school and nursery so it became an issue I had to address. I underwent a successful course of hypnotherapy which is why I know first hand how effective this treatment is in dealing with panic attacks. I now lead a life with no fear or thought of panic attacks.